Open Fire In A Country House

Are you staying in an old house or have just come from a long cold day or night? There is nothing that is more than an open fireplace to help warm yourself after a daylong adventure. But what you need to make your fire more enjoyable is the quality of the firewood that you have. Quality firewood will create a huge difference ranging from a longer burning, little smoke and a sweet smell.

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How to Tell High Quality Firewood

There are many things that you will need to look for in your firewood. When shopping for firewood, many people ask if the firewood is dry enough. With properly seasoned firewood, you will enjoy longer burns and hotter burns because high moisture content causes a lot of smoke and the burns are not as hot. The moisture content in your firewood need to be below 20%.

The best firewood logs are those that are solid and free from rot. In addition, they should be cut to precision and should be free from a lot of debris. The firewood logs do not have rots in the center hence will burn longer and give you clean smoke. Excessively seasoned firewood burns extremely fast and wont last long. Remember you are paying your hard-earned money so you don't want to buy debris instead of firewood. Consistent length of your firewood will fit into your firebox and this will give you ample time to enjoy your fire without having to struggle with stacking them.

How to Buy Quality Firewood

Buying firewood can be challenging, but with a few things to note, you can easily buy the kind of wood that is clean and good for your burn. Here are a few things to help you purchase the best firewood:

Visit the Firewood Dealer

When you are shopping around for firewood, it is important to see the firewood before you purchase it. Your wood dealer should be one who has been in business for many years since this will mean that many customers trust him or her. You may ask a few questions regarding the quality of their firewood to help make a decision on whether or not to buy. Ask when the firewood was cut as this will tell you how seasoned the firewood is. It will also help you to know if you need to season it yourself for a more quality fire.

How Does the Dealer Load firewood?

Ask how the dealer loads the firewood. Do they load the firewood together with all the dirt and the bark? This will help you answer the question as to whether you are buying debris or not. The dealer should have the best loading equipment to avoid breaking the wood into pieces or loading debris.

Bottom Line

If your dealer delivers quality firewood, you will not only make immediate savings, but also enjoy clean, long burn but also a perfect smell in your open fireplace.